select an option
Draw Map
Display the selected data
set as a map, dynamically
drawn by the Environmental Data Explorer Internet Map Server.

display as ...
Draw Graph
Display the selected
data set as a graph
and compare different

display as ...
Show Table
Display the selected
data set with multiple
analysis & display options
in HTML format on a
web site.

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Show Metadata
Display the information about this dataset, such as definition, source, and other details.

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Download Data
Download the selected
data dynamically from
the Environmental Data Explorer
server in different formats.

download ...
 in various formats
When using data from the UNEP EDE Data Portal, please use the following citation:
Source: UNEP (2021): The UNEP Environmental Data Explorer, as compiled from World Population Prospects, the 2012 Revision (WPP2012), United Nations Population Division . United Nations Environment Programme.

After you have chosen your data set and the necessary parameters, please select now one of the displayed options. The Map Module generates maps, based on your selection criteria. The Graph Module (not available for geospatial data sets) gives you access to a wide range of graphing possibilities, including the capability to compare different countries and theirs trends. The Values Module (not available for geospatial data sets) displays your selected data set as a simple table on-line; you have access to several statistical functions. The Download Module offers access for downloading your selected data set in a great variety of data formats. Due to copyright issues, some of them are restricted only to UNEPs Collaborating Centres.