Killed: Persons confirmed as dead and persons missing and presumed dead. Disaster: Situation or event, which overwhelms local capacity, necessitating a request to national or international level for external assistance; An unforeseen and often sudden event that causes great damage, destruction and human suffering. Though often caused by nature, disasters can have human origins. Wars and civil disturbances that destroy homelands and displace people are included among the causes of disasters. Other causes can be: building collapse, blizzard, drought, epidemic, earthquake, explosion, fire, flood, hazardous material or transportation incident (such as a chemical spill), hurricane, nuclear incident, tornado, or volcano. Wave/surge: Disaster type term comprising the two disaster subsets "tsunami" and "tidal wave". Tsunami: Series of large waves generated by sudden displacement of seawater (caused by earthquake, volcanic eruption or submarine landslide); capable of propagation over large distances and causing a destructive surge on reaching land.Tidal wave: Abrupt rise of tidal water (caused by atmospheric activities) moving rapidly inland from the mouth of an estuary or from the coast.