Global Burnt Areas: Derived from a daily time series of coarse resolution (~ 1 km) satellite imagery: SPOT-VGT-S1 Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission (EC) In collaboration with CCRS (Canada), IREA-CNR (Italy), CSIRO-EOC (Australia), IFI (Russia), NRI (UK), UNEP/GRID-Geneva, UTL (Portugal) Biomass burning contributes up to 50%, 40% and 16% of the total emissions of anthropogenic origin for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane respectively. Both the scientific community and the policy makers are looking for reliable and quantitative information on the magnitude and spatial distribution of biomass burning. Please visit the original source site at: where you can find more detailed information, downloads and the GBA2000-IMS application. The GBA2000-IMS application informs users of the status of the project. In addition, the user can overlay burnt area maps with other sources of information such as country borders, national park boundaries and a land cover map. Moreover users can zoom in and out, change the background, the month of observation in 2000, as well as download the data and access statistics NOTE: The GBA2000 products are currently under development. Burnt area maps are still prototype versions and might be modified/improved to take into account the comments received from the scientific community.