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The conservation of plant and animal genetic resources for food and agriculture (GRFA) in medium or long term conservation facilities (ex situ in genebanks) represents the most trusted means of conserving genetic resources worldwide. Plant and animal GRFA conserved in these facilities can be easily used in breeding programmes as well, even directly on-farm. The measure of trends in ex situ conserved materials provides an overall assessment of the extent to which we are managing to maintain and/or increase the total genetic diversity available for future use and thus protected from any permanent loss of genetic diversity which may occur in the natural habitat, i.e. in situ, or on-farm.

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SMTAs for food and agriculture (number) Local breeds classified as known being not at risk (number) Plant breeds with genetic resources stored, number (SDG 2.5.1) Strategies for sharing biodiversity benefits (SDG 15.6.1)

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